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Silver lining to dark cloud

Ron L

About a month ago, my entire golf bag was stolen and I lost all of my Titleist gems. Included in the bag were ball marks from several resorts, rangefinder, sunglasses and other miscellaneous items that we all carry, including gifts from the grandkids. The thief has been caught but there is no sign of my clubs, so...

Last week I went and met with Titleist fitter Vince Young here in the Atlanta area. I ordered 716 AP2s with Project X 6.5, 917 D2 driver, 917 F3 fairway, 816 H2, Vokeys Wedges in Jet Black and a new Cameron Newport 2 Notchback. I also moved on to a 2017 Deluxe Cart Bag and white leather head covers. The fitting experience was incredible and Vince was patient and informative while making sure that the clubs fit my swing perfectly. The guy did a full bag fitting and spent just under three hours with me.

I placed the order last Friday and after 6 days I just received my head covers, valuables bag and new Cameron putter. Can't wait until the rest of the clubs arrive. Vince says he likes to have a follow up with customers when he does a fitting, some I plan on having him out to the club for a round of golf.

Can't recommend enough the importance of a certified fitting by someone of Vince's skill. Pictures will follow soon.

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  1. Chuck Z

    Sorry to hear about your loss, but it appears you did have a positive experience with your fitter. I know Vance will appreciate you having him at your club. Most fitters go unrecognized. Enjoy you new clubs.

  2. David A

    Sorry to hear about your stolen clubs, that's just awful! Glad you had the financial means to buy a new set right away and get back out there. Although you may not be able to recover the stolen items, you should be able to get compensation for your loss from the courts being that they found and arrested this jerk. You can write a letter to the court/judge asking for reimbursement from this guy as a condition of his sentence...if proven guilty. I did this a couple of years ago when I had some property stolen at the suggestion of the detective. It worked and I received a check in the mail about a year later, to my surprise. Good luck!
  3. Joe D

    Ron that really stinks! Sorry to hear about your clubs and gear.
    As I was reading your story I was anticipating that. Your clubs were recovered and your gear.
    Glad you had a positive fitting experience and the means to replace your clubs.
    Glad to hear they caught the thief.
  4. Ron L

    The new clubs arrived today...all of them...7 business days after they were ordered. Amazing customer service. Truly expected to wait at least 2 solid weeks at the minimum. The accessories I ordered (headcover and valuables pouch) arrived last week. Just waiting on the bag which was having some custom embroidery work on it. Should be back on the course in a week.
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  5. augusto r

    hi,so sorry to hear the bad news,karma will hit that thief.let him pay for your new clubs.

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