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716mb. Replacement shafts

Alex G

Hi. I'm looking to change the tour issue S400 shafts in my set of 716mb's over to project X 6.5 or 7.0. I don't want to replace with DG x100. Set is currently standard length and swingweight / standard TV grips. Does anyone know, can titleist factory replace with the project X shafts I am looking at with no impact on current standard specs including standard factory swingweight ? I'd rather not sell and have to buy a new set again. Thanks.

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  1. TeeJ

    They should be able to. A few years back, when the KBS C-Tapers first came out, I had them in my 712MBs and the shafts kept bending at the ferrules. After Titleist replaced them twice I had them switch the shafts to ProjectX and it was a seamless transition.

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