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Upgrading from png ISI Maroon Dot to AP2

Jonathan Z

Hi, for Cathi or anyone to weigh in -- I am looking to upgrade my "vintage" set of png ISI Maroon dots (I'm 6'4" and wrist is 38.5"+ to the floor). I have played a handful of rounds with the AP2s and generally love the feel and shot shaping ability. How do the Maroon dot upright lie angles (+4.5 degrees) translate to what would be considered upright AP2?

Can I order them in 2 degree upright and have them bent to 4 degrees? Would I also need the shafts lengthened slightly? I was fitted at the PGA Superstore in the area, and am now getting a strong fade (where I've always hit a very slight draw or straight ball). Ball flight is extremely high in the air, with about 10-15 yards less distance per club than my Pings.

No swing changes...and I've swung both sets back to back (AP2 then png) for immediate comparison.

Finally, would Vokey SM6 wedges also need to be bent to be a consistent lie angle to the AP2s? Opinions vary whether wedges should be altered. I've used upright wedges in the past with success. Any advice or guidance on all of the above is appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Nicholas H

    Jonathan, personally I have found my wedges needed a better lie fitting than the longer clubs. Sounds like you might want to look into an outdoor lie fitting to check them out. Luckily the AP2s and Vokeys can be bent easily. However, I'd be careful going 4 upright. Might be worth sending the clubs back to Titleist if that much is needed. Are you also using the same shaft in both irons? I'm afraid it's not an apples to apples comparison even with the same shaft. Probably need to just get the lies set based on your tendicies with the new clubs as opposed to what the specs were with the Pings. Good Luck!

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