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Diamana M+ shafts

peter c

Hi I recently purchased a 915F with a 60 gramme red M+ R shaft-FANTASTIC But when I decided to try out the 50g driver shaft the kick is not the same Tried a blue S+60 S - still not the same kick as the 3 wood Thinking of reverting to stiff Rogue but I am getting older (65) and can't see that lasting long

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  1. Don O

    The M+ comes in A/R/S flex (as well as a 40 g L flex). Do you have access to all 3? I ended up with the S flex in a 917. Moved from a S+ R flex and gained a bunch of yards and better dispersion. I'm 67 and under 90 mph w/driver. Each of us is unique on what works.
  2. Dwayne N

    I actually had better club head speed going from a Blue S+ reg to a speeder TS 64 stiff which is 8-10 gram heavier shaft. SS went up as well as an added 20 yards of carry. As Don O said each of us are unique on what works

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