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Fitting at The Manchester Lane Facility


Hi team members, Titleist staff,

Quick question - when you get a full fitting (tee to green) at The Manchester Lane Facility in Massachusetts, are the clubs built for you on site, are they ordered and shipped to you, or do you go through a retailer to buy the clubs based on those specs. Also, does the fitting fee get applied to the purchase of new sticks?

Thanks much, JPHB

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  1. Don O

    You're adventure in Wonderland is for the ultimate professional fitting. The fee is for their time. You can then take the specifications to any pro shop for purchase. While you are there, you might be on hand for R&D testing of balls on the range or see a Titleist ambassador. No all vendors provide access to their professional fitting centers to the general public. You have access to hundreds of thousands of head and shaft combinations and the best folks to narrow it down to what works best for you.

    All Titleist orders are actually fulfilled from Carlsbad, CA. I refer to Carlsbad as Santa's Workshop. Virtually every box going out for delivery is a custom order. ..They keep checking the list and checking it twice.
  2. Speedy

    Don is correct, the fee you pay is for their service and trust me it's worth EVERY.PENNY! Now, i think Don might be a little over the top with the "hundreds of thousands" :) but they do have A LOT more to work with then a regular golf store. I was truly blown away with the amount of different shaft options they had..

    I went last year and it was a blast, learned a lot. I only did the iron and wedge fitting. IMO, the wedge part was the best. There's a WHOLE separate area just for the wedge fitting.

    If you go, the best advice I was given is to go with an open mind and let the fitters fit you.
  3. rymail00

    I was lucky enough to go to Machester Lane last month and it is without a doubt the coolest golf facility there is. I did a ball fitting, not clubs but the property is unreal.

    They actually have like 2 or 3 holes (I played 2/3, a par 4 370 yards from the 'Tiger tee which was cool to know he played there and the tee was built for him, a 208 par 3, and 80 yard 2 putt, yes a 80 yard putt lol, just awesome). The range is like hitting in an indoor simulator outdoors, completely flat and imaculate, and 100 yard virtually flat putting, and short game area in back that stretches out to about 100 yards. The short game green is a replica of a big wigs favorite green.

    Honestly if get the chance to go, go. The experience of being there with golf crazy guys and gals that just want to make you better, and they want you to get the most out the experience, and fit into the right ball and equipment. I hope to go back someday....


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