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T-MB 3 iron

Matthew T

I recently got fitted for a new set of AP2 and absolutely love them. The GolfMart fitter in So. San Francisco was great and moving me to 2* flat help immensely in getting the ball to fly more consistently.

I'm now looking to get a T-MB 3 iron to finish out the set (only got P-4i originally). Is it possible to purchase a used T-MB 3 iron and have it bent to 2* flat or would this effect the club negatively?



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  1. Don O

    Assuming it was manufactured at zero degrees, clubs can be bent +/- 2 degrees without damaging the finish.
  2. GMillar

    Hey Matt,

    I can't think why it would effect the club negatively - did you have particular concerns? As always though - i might suggest you head back to the fitter you got your AP2s from and work with them to get you set up. 718s should be released soon!
  3. augusto r

    I believe you could order from titleist T-MB 3 iron 2 degrees flat or have it bent ,it won't affect.i've done it,perfect fit.⛳️ Or get the 816H.easy to hit.
  4. Tom C


    I'm sure you could pick one up on ebay and have a local Pro bend it 2* flat. Its more than likely an option through the fitting / custom programme so it should be fine.

  5. Jonathan L

    As far as I'm aware buying a 2nd hand TMB and bending it should be absolutely fine .. at least I hope so because that's what I had done to one of my TMB irons!!
  6. Quinn J

    Yes I believe you can do that , check out eBay or sideline swap for it
  7. Matthew T

    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    Looks like I can go cheap and have the fix done locally.

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