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Mitsubishi Diamana Ltd. Red 50

tom f

Is this shaft only available for Titleist heads? I have it in my driver (Titleist), but would like to get the same shaft for my fairway woods, which are not. If not... if made for Titleist... what is the equivalent from Mitusibishi? Thanks... this shaft surprised me (can't afford to buy an entirely new set of woods at the moment, but the driver is paying for itself!)

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  1. Ty B

    I just had my pro order me a 917 D2 with this shaft yesterday, so this is good to see. I'm also interested in the same shaft for my fairway woods, but I think I'm going with the Red 60 for the 3 wood. Not sure if the 50 will be available for the fairway woods, but I'd be interested to know myself. Thanks for asking! Haha.
  2. Don O

    You can search online shaft resellers and they can have the M+/Red shaft prepared and/or installed to your specifications. The shaft ordered through Titleist will have a Titleist Surefit adaptor. If you check the Titleist FW's the FW shaft recommended may be the 60 g. For retail price of the shaft, you may want to hold off. A new shaft, especially if it involves another OEM adaptor, may well be north of $200.

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