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Oceanside TPI Fitting


In case anyone is debating on making a trip to TPI at Oceanside, I just want to say that it is way worth your time. It is by far the most amazing golf experience I have ever had. The TPI club fitter helped me find everything I needed, and he really understood who I am as a competitive golfer and what I was looking for out of my clubs, both performance and feel-wise. I never felt like I had to prove myself or felt that I was not being fit exactly how I wanted to be fit, unlike some of my previous fittings with local fitters. The customer service was impeccable and I was constantly amazed by the entire TPI environment. It is a true tour-like experience.

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  1. Joe D

    Definitely on my bucket list.
    I have only heard positive experiences about the premium fitting at Oceanside, and Manchester lane.
  2. Chris R

    This is on my bucket list as well. I have watched the TPI Video many times just dreaming.........
  3. Darryl M

    Bucket list as well. Question I do have BHopkins how much time should a person allow for a visit to TPI? Was your visit 1 or 2 days?
  4. Todd T

    They make you feel like a Pro from the entrance gate through packing up your clubs on the way out!

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