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Titleist Demo Day


I've searched on the internet and I can't seem to locate a Titleist Demo Day. I currently play 714 AB2 irons. I'm located near Greensboro, NC. I would appreciate any recommendations.


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  1. Kevin N

    I believe that I read last night that Titleist is in the process of equipping their reps with everything they need to restart the Demo Days with the new 718s that should be showing up in the very near future. If that is correct I would say be patient just a wee bit longer and fittings should pick up where they left off with all new gear.
  2. augusto r

    Check with titleist dealers,they will tell where and when demo days at your state ,they do it here in Hawaii.
  3. Steve M

    I'm in the Philly area. I was invited to a demo/fitting in NY on Thursday. I will post a scouting report when I get back
  4. Steve M

    I was invited to Sleep Hollow CC today for a demo and fitting of the 718's and 818's. I ordered a mix set of AP1/AP3 plus a new 818 H1. Now, the tough part will be waiting for my advanced delivery next week.

    And BTW, the entire line is incredible. Between the leading edge grind to the new AP3, to the redesign of the H1 & H2. Titleist definitely hit the sweet spot with these clubs.

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