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915D Wrong Shaft? Maybe?

Ian S


Is there an easy way to tell if a shaft hosel is setup for left handed or right handed? I assume they are different if the adjustment stems from the setup of the hosel.

There was an ordering mix up when I bought the woods and they ordered left handed clubs which they (apparently) re-ordered and the right orientation came down.

Since purchase I've been fighting a fade/slice and have spent the last 12 months or so persevering as I thought it was just me.

So I got out my old 910, moved the adjustment to how my 915 is currently setup for max loft & draw and with the 910 I am hitting hooks! Go back to the 915 and fades again.

I haven't tried moving the adjustment to the polar opposite on the 915 but it did strike me as a bit strange!?

I'll give it a go and see if left handed settings on a right handed head improve things... but at this stage I'll try anything! Actually at this stage I've shoved the 910 back in the bag!

Any bright ideas appreciated!?

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  1. Chuck Z

    Are you using this setting chart? This is the one for the left handed club?

    Post Image
  2. Ian S

    Ha no, am using the right handed one... I did double check.

    My usual setting is D3 on the old 910 which gives me a nice raking draw... set D3 on the 915 and it's a constant pronounced fade. Almost, in fact the direct opposite of the draw!?

    Weird.. I need to go down to the range and try a few things. Just wondered if there was an easy way to tell a right from a left handed shaft?
  3. Don O

    Just to note, there is only one shaft used in both LH and RH clubs. The difference is in which chart you use - where A1 is the standard setting for RH and D4 is the standard setting for LH. You can move up the chart one space - increasing loft will close the face as well as increasing lie (moving left) will also adjust for a draw. It may be disconcerting to add loft from the 910 to the 915, but if it fixes the fade...

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