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Dropping 3 iron to add a wedge

Todd S

I'm thing of taking the 3 iron out of the bag to add another wedge. My current set up is 58. 52 Vokeys then p-3 iron Ap2 714s then hybred. 3 wood and driver. The lofts between the irons are 4 deg untill the 5 4 & 3 which are only 3 deg. I'm thinking if I pull the 3 iron. Strethen the 5 iron one deg and the 4 iron 2 deg. Then add a 50 and put the 52 back to 54 that would leave me 4 deg between every club from 58 to 4 iron which would now only be one deg less than the 3 iron was. I'm thinking this will soften the gaps at the top of the irons better than just pulling out the 3 iron. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. MB

    Sounds like a good idea. I have a 46, 50,54 and 58 vokey. I really like the 46 and 50. I use them quite regularly. I went with a 18 and 23 degree hybrid. I have the 716 AP2 5-9, and 917D3 and 917F2. It's taken lots of tweaks and trips to the range to find what has worked. I think it's a good idea to have your wedges 50,54 and 58. It works well and I have been happy with the yardage gaps. Let me know what you do
  2. Sam K

    In my experience, more capability at the short end of the bag is better than at the long end. Then again, I can't do anything with my 3 that I can't do with my 4. The difference is 2 degrees between 3 and 4 on mine. How will you "put" your 52 back to a 54? Buy new, or adjust some how? Best of luck!
  3. Chuck Z

    My fitters gave me some good advice and I followed it.

    917D2 (11.25), 917f3 (15), 816h1 (17), 816h1(21), 716AP1 (5-W52) SM5 (56-10).

    But at 71 my game differs from you young bucks.
  4. Rob_Roth1

    Sounds like a good idea. Do you currently play a hybrid? One idea you could add loft to your hybrid to make it around 20/21 to replace that 3 iron.

    Good luck
  5. Todd S

    Samuel. My 52 is a sm5 m 54 bent to 52
  6. Scott Golightly

    I'm in the process of considering a similar transition (dropping a 4 iron to add a 3rd wedge, because I have no woods and 2 hybrids, one of which can reasonably cover my 4 iron slot). With a set of 695 CB's, my PW is set at 48, with a 50 and 56 SM5. Thinking of dropping the 50, picking up a 52 and 60 to normalize the "degree gap".

    I'll be interested to see what you go with! I'm curious at to yalls opinion on focusing more on feel and versatility of each wedge, as opposed to keeping the degree gap regular? I feel that I can "bump and run" with the 50 just as well as loft it up and hit flop-type shots. If a golfer is comfortable playing 2 wedges in a variety of manners, would that be a case against playing 3 wedges, or would it still be preferable in general to have the additional tool?
  7. masamitsu

    I like having more options at the bottom of the bag. I've opted for 45,50,54,58 and it's simplified things.
  8. Titleist_AU_Fan

    I'm a pretty decent ball striker and I don't go anywhere near a 3 iron any more. I would guess you'll see more benefit from an added wedge, but it all depends on your game and the shots you prefer to hit. I have 50 (SM5), 54 (SM4), and 60 degree wedges to go along with my stock PW.
  9. Gaaary

    I recently took my 3 iron out the bag and replaced it with a 60 SM6, now my set up is 50 bent to 51, 56 & 60 with different bounce/grind, best thing I've done as I had a 21 degree 816 in also.
  10. vurich

    It's a great move, Todd. Do it. I don't miss the 3 iron at all.
  11. BSpanding

    If you do, you almost have my setup and i just love the 54 degree Vokey wedge :-)

    Sometimes though I feel like I would like a 3 iron, especially in windy condition or at a tight course, but I would not switch it for the ekstra wedge, so I'm considereing making my 4 iron a little stronger instead.

  12. LHechenbleikner

    I play a driver and 3w only, and have the 5 wood/3iron area covered with a tmb 3 iron. My stock pw is a 47 degree ap2 and I carry 50/8 (bent to 51/9), 56/10 and 60.5/4.5 vokeys. Really depends how long you are and what kinds of shots you like to hit. Biggest question I'd ask yourself is, do you really feel like you step up the ball and feel like you're 'missing' a club often? Sometimes I drop both my 51 and 56 and carry a 54 and do just fine. Need to take a few out and demo them on the course from a variety of different lengths and approach types to really learn the truth. You may find that having to choose between certain clubs adds uncertainty that you didn't welcome.

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