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Leroy J

I tend to lose my right hand grip at the top of my back swing. If I increase the grip size for the right hand a wrap or two would that help, and would that effect the ball flight very much?

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  1. Barry B

    I suggest setting up a lesson with a teaching professional first rather than changing your grips. The pro will most likely be able to watch you make shots for a few minutes and possibly suggest a change to your grip or swing so that you don't lose your grip at the top.
  2. Leroy J

    Thanks Barry B, I'm currently seeing a pro who says my grip is fine, and who has improved my game very much. However I'm not satisfied with his answer which is to choke the s--- out of the club. Yet I still have that problem, and I still would like to know the answer to my grip question
  3. Barry B

    Here's a thought, if you have a sports store near you, go and see if they have any of the tennis grip gauze tape. If they do get some and wrap it around the grip where you place your right hand and go hit some balls on the range. Realize this isn't legal for actual rounds, but it may help you answer your question about building up your grip without actually doing it. Another option might be to try wearing two gloves and see what that does.

    I hope you get everything straightened out with your grip.
  4. David A

    I would suggest you try the Golf Pride New Decade multi compound +4 grips, or even the new align version. The reduced taper might help you lock in your grip better. Put it on one club first and experiment with it. Good luck!
  5. Joseph M

    I completely agree with David A- the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip being less tapered is basically the same as adding 2 wraps of tape under your lower hand. It should result in less grip pressure with your lower hand and the material has a great feel- it just feel secure. It is actually the first grip from golf pride I have liked and has a nice cord for the top hand- great for those that don't wear a glove and makes it a true all weather grip. I would recommend trying without a glove to see if it suits you better and save a little money and a lot over time. I any event it should be a great grip glove or no glove.

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