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915 D2 Swing Weights

Mike S

Hey TT members, I recently purchased a new 915 D2 with a Diamana M+Red 50, reg. shaft. My question is what is the proper swing weight for this club? I'm 68 years old and play to a 22 handicap. Thanks for any help.


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  1. Don O

    Stock Titleist drivers, such as with the M+, will have a swing weight of D2-D3. Depending on how you like the feel of the head, increasing the weight will trend towards feeling more hammer like. Those of less strength trend towards a lower swing weight to be able to control it. The drivers designed for women will be C9-C10 as a baseline. As part of a custom order or a later replacement, other weights can be used to adjust the swing weight.
  2. Mike S

    Thanks Don O, I was going the try 11g or a 7g from my stock 9g and see if it makes any difference. I'm looking for better accuracy.

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