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Iron shafts

Dennis M

I recently purchased a set of T-MB's, 5-P, with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. I previously played png i's with the Nippon Modus3 105''s. I love the feel of these lighter shafts. I'm wondering about a shaft change to the Nippons and the effect that change would have on my ball flight. The T-MB's launch high and my distance is ok with the DG's but I like the feel of the lighter shafts. I live in rural Oklahoma and a fitter is not available without a road trip. I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

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  1. Eikka A

    I would say that DG's give you lower launch but it is allways a combination of head and shaft and also your swing so I recommend to try head/shaft combination before change especially if you like now your launch angle. I tried multiple shafts last time when I bought clubs and for me DG gave lowest trajectory with good amount of spin. Other shafts gave higher trajectory with less spin. Allways amount of spin is also for sideways. Lighter shafts also give you a heavier swing weight if its not corrected (total club weight is lower but head weight compared to total weight is higher).

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