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Shorter shaft, what weight to add

Joe H

For my 915 D2. The shaft, with adapter, removed from the driver is 44.25. Since I'm 5'8" and would like to improve my consistency, I'd like to cut an identical shaft, with adapter to 43.25.

My question is: the club has the red 9 gr weight on it. which weight should I order to most closely maintain the same swing weight?

Thanks for the help.......Joe

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  1. Speedy

    Be careful.. I made the mistake of doing that and ending up giving it away. It felt WAY different and the results were awful... Bought a new driver with std. shaft length and now I just choke down on the club... Much better results and i'm about 5'7.. I'm shorty...
  2. JAM

    I shortened my 910 D2 2" and never hit it longer or straighter. It will require either more weight in the head or a much lighter grip, i.e., 25g.
  3. Dennis B

    I cut cut mine a inch and left the weight that came with it. I find I now have more control and haven't lost any yards. Still keeping up with the big dogs. I'm also 5'7"
  4. Ev

    I'll check mine later, I cut down an inch and also went to a midsize grip, felt horrendous with standard weight. Got a feeling I went for 16g weight and love the feel of the club now.
  5. Joe H

    I'll wait to see your post. Was this a matter of feel and personal preference or did you use the 16gr weight as a result of checking the swing weight of the shorter shaft vs the longer? I imagine the grip weight changed as well?
  6. Joseph M

    A one inch shorter shaft decreases swing weight 6 points. Each 2 gram increase in head weight equals 1 swing weight point so you would have to add 12 grams to the head to compensate for the shorter shaft. If you go with a different weight grip you would have to take into consideration that a 4 gram increase in grip weight equals a one point decrease in swingweight. Using these factors you can make a decision on the best weight to install to come close (it doesn't have to be perfect) to your desired swingweight.

    Also just be aware that shorter shaft will flatten the playing lie by 2 degrees which may result in some tendency to go right

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