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Checking Loft angle

Eikka A


Any idea to check loft angle by DIY? I bought new 716 MB's and I'm very happy how they works but one strange thing I found out when going out to test ranges of short clubs (7-P). 7-9 carry were exactly same than my earlier clubs which I was more than happy but with PW carry was 13 metres shorter. It is not a problem because I can configure my wedges with it but I'm curious why this happened. I tested carry multiple time by hitting 6 identical balls and then using laser to measure the carry of avarage of 6 hit balls.

Only thing which come to my mind is that my PW not have correct loft angle. Clubs were custom order and there was a quality control paper with them but it not have exact loft/lie angles marked. Years back when I bought 690mb's there was a custom order paper and there was all loft/lie angles checked and marked by hand to that paper.

Next thing if I don't figure out how to check loft angle is try to find old PW replacement 48 Vokey and test carry head to head. I remember that I hit +8 metres with Vokey compared to this new P carry.

I'm from Finland so it is not easy to find fitting center or club builder with loft/lie equipments near by.

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  1. Gary D

    Are the shafts the same between your short irons and your PW ? If PW has a wedge flex shaft and your short irons have a different shaft, that could account for distance discrepancy. Other thought is to take your 9 iron and PW to a club fitter and have them measure the loft and lie angle to compare to specs you thought they should be.
  2. Eikka A

    Yes all shafts throught the set are same. Also shafts of my old set are same than new set.
  3. Gary D

    If the lofts are what they should be, than my only advise would be to go to a good golf instructor and see if the problem lies with your swing.
  4. Nicholas H

    Eikka, I ordered the 716 MBs with stock loft/lies. I had a difference in how much yardage I received from the PW as well. I came from the 2008 AP2s and the 8-9 irons were pretty identical with yardages but I was hitting the MB PW about 5 yards shorter. It would be very difficult to check the loft accurately without a loft/lie machine. Especially to see only 1-2 degrees. Perhaps you can have it sent back to Titleist for a check and to be bent strong. 13 meters short of the previous PW is a big difference.

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