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Team Titleist Ohio at Kinsale Golf Club

Sean N

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the invite to the newest club testing at Kinsale! I was excited all week in anticipation, and was not disappointed upon leaving the fitting! John Dal Santo did a great job with the fitting and answering every question I could throw at him, and that was many! Thank you for a great experience and opportunity! Titleist is a great company that delivers fantastic products and takes excellent care of their biggest fans and customers! #TeamTitleist

I did place my order for the 718 AP2 irons (4 - Gap) with Project X LZ 6.0 shafts. I cannot wait for them to arrive! Thank you for taking care of your customers!

Sean Nicely

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  1. Speedy

    nice!!! Did you get a chance to hit the AP3s? Just curious what you thought of them.
  2. Dan H

    Great to see you at the event Sean and I would like to say thank you as well to Team Titleist for the invite to such an awesome event! Cathi, was incredibly accommodating to all of us and we couldn't be more appreciative for what she and Team Titleist do for us!

    My fitter Austin was awesome, my 2nd fitting with him but first since he is the reigning Ohio Amateur Champ, so at least one of us brought some swagger to my fitting area! :)

    Congrats on the new purchase Sean and looking forward to hearing about your on course reviews! I will be pulling the trigger here very soon and will start the birthday hints to my wife for the next two months.

    Speedy; the new AP3's are hot in demand and action. They are spring loaded and might become an option for me in the long irons. A potential combo set, 3-4 AP3 and then AP2 in the rest through PW. I was hitting the AP3 a full club farther than my current AP2's. Loved the feel of the AP2's and there have been many improvements since my model so I still would favor towards them in the long run.

    Overall a great event and I know there were many sets purchased that day so I am looking forward to hearing the on course reviews and hopefully seeing some in person real soon as well!

    Thanks again Team Titleist and feel free to email my wife daily until she lets me upgrade! :)
  3. Sean N

    I hit the AP1,AP2, AP3 and TMB. I do not have a problem with ANY of them. My fitter John gave me all the data, launch angle, landing angle, etc. I tried many many different shafts. I had a great day hitting, so any of the clubs would have worked, I just love the look of the smaller AP2s. If I would pick my second choice, it would have been AP3s. I personally like to see all of the same clubs from a set in my bag, so I never considered the mixed AP3 Long Irons, AP2 mid and short irons, but that is always a possibility if you don't mind the mix.

    Dan, great to see you and Chris. Let's get together and play sometime this fall.

    Thank you again Cathi D and Team Titleist!

  4. JLundquist

    Sean, I was also selected to take part in the roadshow fitting at Kinsale. I've never been to an event like this and was blown away by how great it was. I was in the market for Hybrids and John hooked me up with the perfect set up for my game. Of course I had to hit the new irons as well. The goody bag was just the icing on the cake. Either way, just another example of how Titleist and TT goes above and beyond.
  5. Sean N

    Yes JLundquist, It was an incredible setup, well prepared and thought out. The club and shaft selection was numerous. The goody bag was very thoughtful, my son enjoyed a lot of the items in the bag! Titleist is a great company that does go above and beyond for their customers! Once again, John Dal Santo was great at answering questions and helping me out!
  6. Sean N

    They arrived yesterday! Picked them up and they look fantastic! I just hope they play as well as they look!
    Thank you Titleist!
    #Team Titleist

    Sean Nicely
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