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Correct setting 913 Driver

Gary G

I generally hit a fade with the driver and just put your 913 D in my bag. What setting would you suggest for me?

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  1. richard f

    Your best off going to a range and trying the different settings yourself , till you find one your happy with
  2. Barry B

    Are you right handed? If so, I would suggest starting at A1 and then adjust as required.

    Post Image
  3. Dwayne N

    Do want to continue hitting fade or is a different ball flight your desire. The chart Barry displayed will greatly help understand the hostel settings
  4. Chuck Z

    Barry and Richard have given you good directions. Personally, I would start at D4 adding a little loft on the D3. It appears that you were not fitted for this club and purchased it off the rack. A fitter could resolve your issue much quicker.

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