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Titleist 718/818 Fitting at La Rinconada CC on 7/28

john m

Thank you Team Titleist for inviting me to get fitted for the new 718 irons (AP2 and AP3) along with the new 818 hybrids. AP3's were amazing, at address it looks like an AP2, but when you hit it, it felt like an AP2 but flew like an AP1. Great job Titleist in giving the golfers a combination of a players iron (look, feel and some workability) along with distance! Thank you Cathi for the invitation and thanks Ryan for fitting me and trying some different shafts that I don't think i would go to!

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  1. Rick D

    Getting a little older and leaking some distance, I'm interested in the AP3's, too. What shaft combination did you go with and what are you seeing in results versus the AP2's and the clubs you used to play?

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