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Adjusting lie angle


I was fitted for a 716 cb/mb combo set earlier this year and the fitter recommended having the lie angle bent 2* upright. I came from the 690mb set which has a flatter lie angle than the more modern sets. I have also improved my swing plain so I have a more in to out swing so I am pulling all my iron shots. So depending on the iron, my new set is 3-4* more upright than my previous set. And that is not taking into account that the new set has a standard length 1/2" longer than my standard length previous set. I have a few questions. What is the maximum recommended lie adjustment that can be made to each iron? Is 3-4* too much? Does Titleist still offer free annual loft/lie adjustments on custom order sets? Since I bought the clubs this year, does the original order count as my free 2017 adjustment so I have to wait until next year or can I send my clubs in at the end of the season this year to be adjusted for free, other than shipping cost?


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  1. Robert L

    I think you're confusing yourself. You said they fit you to a 2* change from standard. The 3-4* is only comparing the new recommended set vs. your old set, if in fact your old set is 2* flat. They won't be bending the new clubs 3-4*... only 2*.
  2. CCrooks

    Thanks for the response. I might not have explained it clearly. My old set had standard lie angles, which are 1.5-2* flatter, depending on the club, compared to the standard lie angles on the new clubs. The fitter recommended the new set be 2* upright from standard, which would make them 3.5-4* more upright than my old set. The flatter lie angle of the old set worked really well for me so I was wondering if it is possible or advisable to have the lie angle on the new clubs bent 3.5-4* to be similar to my old clubs. It was my first proper club fitting so I my ignorance failed me a bit. If I was more educated in club fitting and specs I wouldn't have gone more upright but rather kept the standard lies or gone flatter. Hope that clears it up. Hoping to learn what I just mentioned and if Titleist still offers the free adjustments and when I can send them in for the free adjustment. Thanks
  3. Tom P

    Do not compare to your previous set. The fitter recommended that your current irons be bent 2 degrees upright. So, that is what you need to do. Pay attention to the ball flight, after they are bent, to notice any ball flight tendencies. If everything always goes left (for a right handed golfer), then you may need to bend them a degree the other way assuming your swing plane is on track. My personal experience has been that if you are average height, standard lie angles are OK.

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