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Combo Set

Greg G

Hi, I plan on getting a combo set of the 718 AP1,2 and 3 irons. My question is, is it best to use the same shaft for each club or just use the stock shaft that comes with that club.


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  1. Robert L

    It's best to get fit for the shafts...
  2. Hans L

    It's all a feel thing to the person. They should come with the same shaft in each until you get to the wedges. Me personally, I like the same shaft in all of my irons to have the feel so all of mine are the same
  3. Barry B

    Certainly a question for your fitter...not every shaft performs the same with different heads.
  4. Tyler H

    I would recommend getting fit at a Titleist Thursday. Go with an open mind and the fitter will get you into the model(s) and shaft that will give you the best results.

  5. augusto r

    Get fitted.
  6. Tom P

    You may not need the same shaft throughout the set. The heads are different and the need for distance, accuracy, and control changes slightly as you move through the set. So, as already stated, you will get the most benefit if you get fitted by a certified Titleist fitter.
  7. Sandy J

    Fit fit fit
  8. Lance B

    When doing a combo set, is there typically a trend for how to go about gapping considering the lofts are quite stronger with the AP1 and AP3 vs the AP2 and T-MB? I'm getting fit next week for irons, but I kind of wanted some insight prior to meeting with John so I can make the best of my 45 minute session.
  9. Chuck Z

    Get fitted. As a result of that, all of my irons have the same shaft, including the wedges.

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