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Iron fitting question for the fitters out there

Nicholas H


I don't have much access to launch monitors where I live but I was lucky enough recently to test my 716 MB vs the 716 AP2. I own the MBs and have recently completed a full set of T-MBs which I started in the 4-5 irons. Based on the numbers below, would this indicate a good move to the T-MB if in fact I get lower spin?

AP2 DG S300 Carry=164 Ball speed = 118.0 Spin = 6898 launch = 19.0 height = 98 ft

MB DG S300 Carry=163 Ball Speed = 118.4 Spin = 6947 Launch = 19.1 Height = 98 ft

Almost exact numbers. I'm able to turn the MB over much easier is about the only difference. All the fittings I've done have always concentrated on reducing my spin rate. Personally I don't mind the spin but I do get ballooning in the wind. Fitter suggested I try my T-MB to see if the spin rates were any less, otherwise stick with what I have.



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  1. Nicholas H

    Numbers above were 6 irons

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