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iron shaft lengths


wondering if standard length shafts pulled from 716 cb's, will play standard length installed in 716 ap2?

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  1. Tom P

  2. Chuck Z

    The iron standard length specifications are the same on the 716 AP1s, AP2s, CB forged, and MB forged.

    3 - 39.00"
    4 - 38.50"
    5 - 38.00"
    6 - 37.50"
    7 - 37.00"
    8 - 36.50"
    9 - 36.00"
    P - 35.75"
    W - 35.50"

    *** For future reference, information regarding clubs is available on this side. Click on clubs above. If you cannot find the club, then click on other club then type in the model then type (iron, driver, etc.) and it will give you the specs on most clubs manufactured by Titleist. I find it most helpful.

  3. Rob_Roth1

    yes as there is no bore through on either of those clubs
  4. augusto r

    Standard length,yes,if that's your titleist fitting recommendation.

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