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soft stepping AP3s

Greg M

I'm trying to decide which shaft to order in my AP3 irons. I'm 66 and have arthritis in my fingers and therefore very low swingspeed. Do I order senior flex and softstep them or order ladies and hardstep? Would there be any difference. One "expert" said I would end up in the same place??? I'm considering the Tensei red.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Greg, If you hard step the ladies shaft, it would still be lighter and slightly softer than soft stepping the senior flex due to the different weights of those shafts. The swingweight would also be lighter on the ladies, so you will have to decide if a lighter overall and lighter swingweight works better for you. I would recommend going to a fitter or a Titleist Thursday in your area to try the ladies and try the seniors. Then decide along with the fitter.
  2. Greg M

    Thanks Cathi!
  3. Greg M

    They should arrive tomorrow, can't wait! Got the red Tensei in senior flex.

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