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718 CB fitting today!

Robert W

After 15 years of faithful service, I am proud to announce the forthcoming honarable retirement of my beloved 690 CB's....

Went to Thomas Smith today at Choo-Choo Golf Academy in Chattanooga and got fitted for 718 CB's... If you are in the Chattanooga area, I highly recommend Thomas and Team at Choo-Choo... they take time to do it right vs. churning folks through the process...

For fellow CB lovers, you WILL feel a noticeable improvement with the latest iteration of this classic... I was somewhat surprised, and very pleased.

Thank you 690's for your faithful service... I promise you will not be sold, loaned, or neglected my good friends!

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  1. Rich T

    Love the 690 CB's! Good luck with the new purchase.
  2. Barry S

    I had the 714 CB's last year and bought the 716 CB's this year. For me, there was a huge difference ( improvement ), especially in the long irons , 5 and 4.
  3. JStanger

    Great set of sticks. Congrats!
  4. Robert W

    Thanks Rich... seemed to be a little extra spring off the face vs. my 690's... extra 2-3 yards of carry.... that's ok but what is most important to me is that the club will deliver consistent numbers as long as I deliver consistent strikes...

    Big fan of CB...
  5. Robert W

    Barry I went with 5-PW and added the T-MB 4... kept the 3H, 54, and 60 wedges... finally broke down and added a 50 W to replace the 48 that I've been carrying...

    Given the PW is 47, the 48 never made sense anyway... I just carried it because I felt more comfortable using it for lower pitches than the PW... (just sentiment really)
  6. Eric M

    Nice. I went with the 718 CBs in 5-6 and MBs in 7-9. enjoy the new sticks
  7. Robert W

    Successful arrival of the new sticks...most handsome set of irons I've ever happy with the decision to replace the 690 CB's with the 718 CB's....
    690's will now be retired with honors...true friends for 15 years!
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