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Club fitting

Tucker G

Hey Team Titleist. I have been really thinking about getting fitted for my irons. I was wondering if you all think that it's worth the money to get fitted!!! Thank you.... FAIRWAYS AND GREENS!!!

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    yes - if the guys playing for a million dollars each week are fitted why wouldn't you? It has made such a difference for me as I now know which shaft or flex fits me. Why I need an oversize grip and understand what I am doing with spin, launch angle etc...

    Go to a titleist thursday:
  2. Dakota

    It's a great idea to get fitted. When getting fitted they tweak clubs to where they fit to your swing, posture, lie angle, etc. Sounds dumb, but it'll give you a more natural feel, and in my opinion you'll hit the ball better. Hope this helps
  3. Don O

    Most pro shops will reduce/remove the fitting fee if purchased there. There's more to shaft selection than club head speed. Besides the stock shafts in multiple flexes, there are a substantial number of no up-charge shafts in the shaft catalog as well as exotic shafts. In all likelihood, a professional fitter can find the best shaft and head combination to meet your skill far better than the average amateur. Since Titleist sells by the club and not a boxed set, be the best you.
  4. Lance B

    Titleist Thursdays are free. Highly recommended.
  5. Robert W

    Tucker... My opinion, it is definitely worth getting fitted before even considering investing in new irons...

    For anyone that takes this hobby seriously, which, presumably most on this site do, getting properly fitted will result in hitting a higher number of pleasing shots.

    Pleasing shots=Increased joy from the game... and that's the object for most of us amateurs!

    Good luck friend..!
  6. Rich T

    Absolutely. Purchasing clubs without getting fit may not yield the results you are looking for and long term can lead you to spend more on equipment. Look in to the Titleist Thursday fitting events. They are a great opportunity to get fit by Titleist fitting professionals (they actually work for Titleist) using Trackman and ProV's and do not cost you a thing!

  7. 19hole

    If you don't get properly fitted, you will be wasting a lot of money on clubs that may not suit your swing/game.

    Titleist Thursdays offer fittings free of charge.
  8. Joshua H

    I definitely would get fit. It is really important to have the right specs for your clubs so you can play your best. It's also a great confidence booster knowing your clubs will perform the way you want them to. If there's a Titleist Thursday event near you, it's free so that might be your best option.

    Good Luck!!!
  9. Tyler H

    Attend a Titleist Thursday near you and the fitting is FREE.

    You can find one here:

  10. Steve L

    DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! It really is worth the time and money. I'm lucky to live in MA and had my fitting done at Manchester Lane. It was a fantastic experience and i ended up with something different and better than I would have otherwise.
  11. Barry S

    If you are looking to hear the answer"No", then you might want to try another website. Pretty well everyone on this discussion board strongly advises to get fit, as there are so many head and shaft combinations, that you or your local store might not even think of.
  12. B.A.

    If you find a Titleist fitting event, you get a professional Titleist fitter, amazing new Titleist 718 irons, and the fee for the fitting is $0.

    If you do want to pay for a fitting, the experience of going to TPI for a full bag fitting is well worth the price.
  13. Robert L = Titleist Thursdays = FREE FITTINGS... done, and done!
  14. Tim D

    Check to see if there is a Titleist Thursday event near you. These are free. If not pay for a fitting. It is well worth the investment to get the clubs that are right for you
  15. Steve S

    When opting for new clubs, a proper fitting is always suggested. Well worth the time and investment.
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