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Club Fitting Definitely Worth It


Hello fellow Team Titleist Members. Today was a great day when it came to getting fit for Vokey Wedges. I went to a local course and golf professional I've known for years. Now I thought I knew exactly what wedges I would need, well it turns out I was a half right. :)

I also hit the new 718 AP3's. Boy are those some sweet clubs. Obviously the stronger lofts are key to hitter it much much farther than my weak lofted 990 DCI irons, but I hit them straighter and even the off center hits flew down the range. I am definitely going to be ordering a set of them (4-P).

Back to the vokey wedges. Chris Larson the PGA professional helping with my club fitting and I decided on the 48.08 (F Grind), 52.12 (F Grind), 56.08 (M Grind), and the 60.08 (M Grind).

Just wanted to give a shout out to Chris and thank him as well as letting all the team titleist members know that it is definitely worth your time to get fitted not only for your irons but your wedges too.


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