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Slow swing speed

Chris S

Hi all,

I'm told I have a slow deliberate swing speed and generate below average spin. It was suggested that I use a lighter shaft than Regular. I am looking for some AP1 716 irons and all I can find are regular or stiff shafts. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to go in the Warwickshire area?

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  1. Don O

    As a LH A-flex AP1 716 owner, I'm well acquainted with the lack of "stock" sets that would work for me. Titleist does specialize in custom combinations of clubs and you can buy 1 or 7 clubs at the same unit price. I would suggest finding an authorized fitter to try some of the A-flex shafts (there are both metal and graphite shaft options that most carts would stock). Buying discounted 716 clubs with an A-flex will be difficult to find, and hardly any easier looking for a used set on E-bay. I've only ever seen A-flex shafts as stock in other vendors but only in their super game improvement sets. Title1st Europe should list fitters.
  2. Greg M

    I just sold my 716 T mb irons to make room for my new AP3s. I ordered both with A flex shafts. I also had a set of 714 AP2s with the same Kuro Kage shafts.
  3. Chris S

    Hi both,
    Thanks for your reply. Are A flex shafts light or stiff? Sorry for my ignorance.
  4. Carl T

    A shaft stands for amateur. That is the designation for shafts that are lighter and more flexible than the R or regular shafts which are a little stiffer and heavier. The A shafts are recommended for slower swing speeds to get the most distance. My swing speed is around 82 mph and I moved to an A shaft. The idea shaft is one that you can hit the ball the furthest with control. Find a good fitter in your area or a Titleist Demo day to find which shaft works for you. I actually gained distance when I went from a R to an A shaft in my woods and irons. I really like the UST Recoil shafts and they make several A shafts in the 65 gram weight neighborhood for irons.
  5. Chris S

    Thanks for your helpful reply

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