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AP1/Nippon 1050

Phillip S

After a fitting recently, I was put into a Nippon 1050GH paired with the Ap1 718's. I noticed that this isn't offered in the custom options book, but the 950GH is. Is there a way I can still order this through Titleist as oppose to a third party fitter?

Secondly, is there that much difference between the 950GH and 1050GH?

New golfer so please excuse my silly questions.

Thank you

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  1. Tom B

    I hit the 1050s back in 2012 through 2015 in my miz MP 64s. I have since gotten the Titleist AP2 716's with the Nippon Modus3 120s.

    Give the Modus3 a try, a firm tip and a soft butt and they feel like the 1050s to me!! I am a big fan of the Nippon shaft, very smooth and I love the feel of them. The 950s weigh about 10 grams lighter and a little higher torque!!

    Titleist has the Modus3 with a small up charge!! Good luck Phillip!!
  2. No'l

    Phillip, No problem- we all started at some point.

    Anyway, I can't answer if you'll be able to order the 1050, but since you asked about the difference between 1050 and 950, it's mostly the shaft weight. 950 is a lighter shaft.

    You'll have to ask your fitter what that would do for you.

    Here's the NS site you can go in and check the differences on their shafts.
  3. Steve S

    Hey Phillip last winter I was fit for a set of 716 AP1s. I also was put in a Nippon shaft. I don't know the differences in the 2 shafts, but I know I love them. I was told they had a softer tip allowing easier take off.
    Play Well
    Steve S.
  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Phillip, I am not sure where you went to be fit, but the 1050GH is an older Nippon shaft that we don't offer through custom (but can order) We offered a firmer tipped version of that in our 710 AP1 irons so about 8 years ago. The NS Pro 950GH would be the closest in feel and there is no upcharge. The other option you may want to try is the AMT Black. It would be lighter in most of the set due to the ascending weight. The weight would be close in the PW. All that being said - we can order the 1050GH from Nippon to build in the AP1 irons, and would recommend that with any of these shafts, that you have your pro shop request a swingweight when placing the order. The NS Pro 1050GH will build 1 swingweight lighter (D0) than the AMT Black (D1) and the NS Pro 950 will build 1 swingweight lighter (C9) than the NS Pro 1050GH. We can build all at D0, though.
  5. Phillip S

    Thank you for the reply. I went to CLub Champion for my fitting and it was very extensive. The project X's were just too heavy for the most part but the Nippon felt good. I didn't hit the 950's but see that seems to be the go to for Nippon and shaft offerings. Will I notice that much of an issue between not going with the 1050GH? I'm intrigued about the AMT black as well as they are slightly heavier right? Silly question here, but if they build my irons with the 950 over the 1050 and with the 1 swingweight lighter, will the performance be similar to the 1050? Thanks!
  6. Phillip S

    Thanks for the reply. I also think the Nippon's are awesome. These are the ones for me :)
  7. Phillip S

    Thanks for the help! I think the 950 may be too light. Is there any disadvantage to playing with an older shaft?
  8. Phillip S

    Hi Tom, do you find there to be a huge difference between the two? I have the Modus wedge in my SM6's, but didn't consider them for my irons. Maybe I will look there. Thanks!
  9. Tom B

    No, not much of a difference at all!! I'm a feel player and I actually like the Modus shaft better, very smooth!!

    I went the 120 regular hard stepped once, I also have the modus 115 wedge shafts in my sand and lob and absolutely love the feel and weighting on both the irons and wedges, great flow of weight and balance!!

    I am actually ordering another set of SM6's because I like them so much, so when my existing wedges wear out, I will just pull the shaft and put them into my new ones!! Good luck!!

    I had a great fitter, so that helps ALOT, I didn't like the project x lz, so I went with the nippons!!!
  10. Phillip S

    Hi, so quick follow up question. I'm thinking of going with the Modus3, however my fitter put me with D5 weights with the 1050GH. How would that compare to the Modus3? Would I stick with the same D5 weight? Also can you tell me which of the Modus3 would be the closest to the 1050GH? Would it be the 105's?

    Thank you
  11. Tom B

    Depends on if you are regular or stiff shaft....

    The 1050GH is 106 grams in regular flex and 109.5 in stiff flex standard length.
    The Modus Tour 105 is 103 grams in regular flex and 106.5 in stiff flex.
    The Modus Tour 120 is 111 grams in regular flex and 114 in stiff flex.

    It looks as if the Tour 105 weight wise is close, but check out the torque on each on their website.

    Both shafts are mid trajectory shafts. My swing speed was around 80 with a smooth transition, fit into a regular Modus3 120 shaft hard stepped once. Depends on your swing speed and transition to the ball. Mine are at D1, if you are D5, then you must swing hard with a lot of speed...?

    Anyway, google and they have a lot of info on their site with weights, torque, trajectory, etc. Good Luck Phillip.


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