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Manchester Lane fitting


Hi TT I tried to get a fitting for new 718s (and a full bag fitting) at Manchester Lane and was told it was now closed for the season. Interested to know if anyone knows of the best alternative in the CT area. Thanks

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  1. Don O

    On this website under fittings, you can search for both Titleist Thursdays as Events or Premier (Advanced) fitting centers. There were still TT events listed for CT. Sleepy Hollow, NY was listed as a Regional at one time. That was 1 tier down from Manchester/TPI as fitting sites.
  2. Bryan S

    There are Titleist Thursdays at TPC River Highlands in Cromwell or Griff Harris in Greenwich. If you can't make a Thursday event, Chris Cote's golf shop in Portland does fittings. Per their website, a 60-90 minute Advanced Club Fitting is Free
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  3. HN

    Thank you for your responses - I was hoping to receive a recommendation of a place that people have tried and found it to be excellent, since Manchester Lane is closed. I have tried sleepy hollow and a titleist thursday before by looking at the Titleist site with mixed results!!
  4. Don O

    If you had your heart set on Manchester Lane, you can pretty much only recreate the experiences there or at Oceanside. How bad do you really need the newest clubs in CT over the winter? These sites will not be over-run with crowds on the driving range and they will use your choice of Pro's for the fitting. It's still different than using a Trackman to simulate a Pro-V with a range ball even if it is an NXT. You will likely have a good experience at a TT event or at a Premier location, but Manchester is the next level for full service. Just a thought.

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