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TPI or Private Fitter

William D

Getting fit at the TPI in Oceanside, CA is fairly expensive for me. I know that it has to be a great experience to go to the TPI, but are the results of the fitting going to be different from what I would get at my club from a Titleist certified fitter? Thank you.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi William, Here is a link to a video that was taken of a player that did a full Tee to Green analysis at TPI along with a club fitting. This will give you an idea of what the experience is like.
  2. Rob_Roth1

    Where are you located as there are a ton of good fitters our there
  3. Speedy

    IMO, I would do the TPI in Oceanside. I did a fitting at Manchester Lane and it was worth every.penny. I've been to the Titleist Thursday's and seen a few private fitters and you can't compare. The experience is totally different. The biggest thing for me was the amount of shaft options they had on hand when I was getting fitted. So yeah, I think you would get better results going to Oceanside. AND you would be hitting ProV1 or 1x depending on what you play. Pretty sure they don't have that when you see a private fitter.

    So IMO, go to Oceanside.. You won't regret spending the extra cash especially for the new 718 irons if that's what you're going for..

  4. Don O

    You can't get dialed in any better than Oceanside or Manchester Lane. Titleist supplies bags, carts, Premier sites, and Titleist Thursdays. It's a little like brain surgery. You want someone that does more than 4 a year. Same here - with some exceptions at smaller pro shops, Premier sites and Titleist Thursdays have fitters that know Titleist products and will really be able to fine tune the fitting. Fitters at stores with 6 lines may not have the same in-depth experience. The best of the best as well as the best facilities for woods, irons, and wedges fittings are Oceanside and Manchester Lane. From balls to layout, no compromises.
  5. William D

    Thank you all for your help. I appreciate it.
  6. Nicholas H

    Here's my 2 cents and I know it's going to upset the apple cart. I did the Oceanside fitting late 2015 just before the 716 line came out. First off the conditions of the facility were amazing. The process is fairly thorough for the full fitting and having all those shafts available can be an extreme advantage. Do I think my fitter was better or my results better than a local fitting? Personally, no! I showed up with my 913 D3, 2008 AP2s, and SM4 wedges. The bag assembled was strictly done by me just messing around with stuff on the course and range. I left with the same bag recommended I showed up with minus S300 in my irons and all the new models of course. On the iron fitting I only hit the AP2. I guess I was the perfect candidate for this iron head. We spent the whole time finding something that would decrease my spin rate. I was unable to obtain my numbers during the fitting for some reason, even after several request over a 2 week period. To be quite honest, after reading so many reviews, I was expecting much more detail from my fitting. I would have loved to hit different heads and compared the scatter chart to see what was the best for me. Maybe my expectations were too high or my fitter was world class and I didn't need to hit more than I did because he had it all figured out. Either way, I left a bit disappointed. Maybe that's not fair since it's a bucket list kind of thing for folks, but that's just my opinion. I think if it's more economically feasible for you to go elsewhere, I think you'll be satisfied with the results. I'm told my particular fitter no longer works there, so maybe it was just a one off. It's great if you can go there, but a reputable fitter elsewhere will do great.
  7. vurich

    William, TPI in Oceanside is the greatest golf experience you'll ever have. Consider doing a fitness evaluation also. It's the best 8 hours you'll ever spend. On top of the, go to the Gallery in Encinitas where Scotty Cameron's store is located. Then check out Torrey Pines, the 2021 U.S. Open site. So many things to do. Wine country in Temecula. Sea World. Make it a wonderful vacation! Have fun! #TeamTitleist!

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