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Titleist T MB 4 iron


I've always struggled with hybrids, and my typical draw turns into a pretty severe hook with my 915 4H. Despite this, I love the height I can get with it, and the combination of the height/backspin makes the ball stop nicely on greens.

I tried out the new 718 T MB 4 iron and while it's much easier to hit for me, I really struggle with the spin rate. It's way too low for me (2500 rpm) to hold a green, and I can't achieve the height of my hybrid. Any recommendations for a shaft that will launch the ball higher and increase spin rate?

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  1. Don O

    The AP3 is a serious contender for this use case.
  2. chris M

    Try a custom fit session maybe a PX LZ or S300 AMT Red will launch higher for you?
  3. Don O

    This is way too much fun with way too many options. An 818 now that they have the draw/fade weights in the fade mode may help those pulls with hybrids.
  4. CSmith

    Thanks for all of the input! I'm definitely planning on doing a custom fitting, as the rest of my bag is Titleist and I've been appropriately custom fit for my gear. I was able to try out the new 818 hybrid at a local Golf Galaxy, still had the same results but the weight was in neutral setting. I'll need to experiment with the hosel and a fade bias weight.

    And I'll be sure to try out the new AP3 as well. I'm less concerned about the distance of an AP1, I just need the peak height and backspin to into my bag.

    I appreciate the help guys!

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