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Wedge fitting with new AP3

Luke W

I recently just ordered 4-PW AP3 with project X LZ 6.0 shafts. I currently have an SM6 wedge set up. A 50-12, 54-14 and 58-12. When I get my AP3's the PW is 43 degrees and I will have a 7 degree gap between PW and first wedge. Should I bend the 50 degree to 48? If I do that is 12 degrees bounce too much? Am I better getting a new 48-8 SM6? If I get a new one should I have the same Project X LZ 6.0 put in the 48 degree wedge and have it bent to 1 degree up like I am fit for my irons?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Tommy K

    I've had same setup but with new ap3 it's gap wedge is 48 degrees. I'm going with a 54&58 wedge setup. A stronger gap fits the pitching wedgethen 6 degrees between it and sand I think is the best choice. Just learn how to take 10 yards off your gap and your set.
  2. Clint M

    I was fitted for AP3's today (2 degrees up) and game the same 50-54-58 wedge set up. Thinking same thing....bend 50 back to 48? or toss the old AP2 W-46 in the bag? What is your yardage gap from 43 to 50?
  3. Tommy K

    That’s to much gap I think. I went with stock 43&48. Of course I’ve lost some distance the past few years but my new 43 is 115/120 j gap is solid 100/105. 48 to 54 is all you can do. If you want to be exact 48/54/60 are all 6 degrees apart. I’m going with 48/54/58. Good luck hope this helps
  4. Tommy K

    Sorry to answer your question 43 is 115 and 50 is about 95. That’s 20 yards to much

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