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718 Fitting - success!

Don O

Titelst (Ted Robbins) and the TT fitter Craig Czesar held a fitting in Madison today (Titleist Saturday??). I've been on AP1s as my first fitted irons for about 6 years. Living dangerously, I wanted to start with the AP3. If not better than my AP1s, then I would work with the AP1s with the AMT shafts. Right out of the gate, I picked up 4 degrees launch and 10 yards with the TT AMT R300 shafts over the 716 AP1s with KK 65 g A-flex. Maybe I would have gained more with the 718 AP1, but the AP3s felt great and met my requirements. Done deal. Finished the gapping and added 2 hybrids. With previous Titleist hybrids I usually am straight with them. Had some fade/push but moving from neutral to draw weight immediately corrected that. I knew if there wasn't much difference, I'd keep my current set. Alas....

Thanks again to Titleist for making better equipment and offering ways to get the best for me, not just what is on the rack.

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  1. Kenneth C

    It sounds like you had a great fitting. To go from an A-flex lightweight graphite shaft to a regular steel shaft, and, pick up launch and distance is impressive.
  2. Don O

    I think it is both the weight controlling my tempo and I've invested heavily in working on TPI training to gain flexibility and strength since I was last fit. Not to mention how did they ever get the appearance of an AP2 and the forgiveness of an AP1 in the AP3? Like single-length clubs, lighter clubs are not universally better for speed and distance. Otherwise we'd all have drivers checking in at 275 g total.
  3. Kenneth C

    I am very impressed, that you managed to gain flexibility and strength. I have been working on flexibility, but, not much strength training. I think I will need to add some strength training to see if I can regain some swing speed. Good luck with the new clubs!

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