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Testing XP90 in AP3 at Fitting

Doug E

I plan to get fit for a 5i and 6i in the new AP3. (Possibly even a 4i.) I play AP2-716, which I have no desire to give up in my PW-7i. I also presently use an AP1-716 for just my 5 & 6 irons. I am not a fan of the bulkiness of the AP1 (though their performance is undeniably great), so will be switching to the AP3 now that I have finally seen them in person and love their appearance. I can't believe how similar they look to the AP2s when standing over them. Though the clubface is slightly longer (not by much at all), the topline seems exactly the same. That makes me happy. In any case, my question is, how similar are the stock AMT black shafts that are standard on the AP3, to the XP90 of which I have in my AP2s? I'm assuming the XP90 is not available to try in the new Titleist fitting carts, since they are no longer standard in the AP1.

I'm a little confused as to what the right approach will be to mix my PW-7i AP2-716s with a new AP3-718 5 iron and 6 iron, primarily regarding weight consistency. I am used to the XP90 in my AP2s, so have no desire to change them out, even though my swing is better today than it was 2 years ago when I got fit for them. (Actually, I don't really need a high flight shaft like the XP.) And since I understand the AMT is weighted differently throughout a set of irons, how will they work in the 5 & 6 irons compared to the single weight XP90s that I will continue to play in the AP2s?

Before I get fit, should I have the fitter order an XP90 demo shaft from Titleist? Is that even an option?

I'm hoping someone at Titleist can help me go down the right road.

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  1. Barry B

    When I had my fitting I made the assumption that my fitter would have the XP 90 & 95, since he had them both with the 716s...poor assumption on my part. They were not included in the new fitting bag he received. Check with your fitter and have him request it if he doesn't have it.
    The AMT Red is probably closer to the XP 90 than the Black. I hit both the red & black during my session and the red was without a doubt the better shaft for me. I was fit earlier this year for 716s and the XP 90 was the shaft which gave me the best results.
  2. Rich T

    I am interested to hear the feedback on this topic as well. I am going to a Titleist Thursday fitting this week and have the same goal of keeping my 7-P 714 AP2 and re-working my long iron setup.
  3. Don O

    The catalog still lists the XP90/95 shafts as no charge options. You can probably have the concierges work with the local rep to have these shafts available for a fitting with the AP3s, at least in a 7 iron. You should find the AP3 5I as easy to hit as your AP2 7I.

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