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716 or 718, first Good club set

Tom M

Hello everyone,

I want to change my set of irons and I am trying a lot of clubs at the moment. I really liked the ap2 and the cb of titleist (716, haven't tried the 718 yet). It is the first time that I will change my set and I don't mind paying the price for good clubs. Still, I wonder if it is worth buying the 718s while the 716s are almost identical and a bit cheaper now. So the question is, if it is your first set of "player's iron" or "super game improvement" as they call it, is it worth going the extra mile and buy the last iteration ?

Thanks for the advice.

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  1. Sam K

    I am in this exact dilemma as well! Thanks for posting. Looking forward to the advice.
  2. Rob_Roth1

    Yes they are different as far as ball speed and spin. Look at this video as it compares the 716 vs 718
  3. Don O

    Just had a 718 fitting. So after recording my AP1 716 with A-flex 65 g as a baseline, then worked with the AP3. The obvious shaft choice would have been the graphite AMC. The results were on par with the 716. Then tried the AMT-Red R300 metal. Launch increased 4 degrees to 17, and distance increased by 10 yards. This process was repeated and also tried 1/2 inch longer in the graphite. Base on the success with the AP3 the AMT-Red shafts, never did get to the 718 AP1. My expectation going in that the AP3 would be beyond me and the 718 AP1 would not represent enough of a change, but if they were, the shaft would be graphite. ...My wife is resigned to the fact I now NEED the AP3s.

    So the moral of the story is we - and you - can only guess what the right club - shaft option will be. If your choice is off the rack 716s or fitted 718s, when buying off the rack, how much do you save if the clubs cost you distance and accuracy? In my case, there is never an on the rack option close to my fittings.

    If you are coming from a highly offset game improvement set, the AP2/CB irons may prove to be difficult to square, unless you are already borderline on pulling - hooking with your current irons. The AP1/AP3 may be a better transition when your swing is not prone to slicing. But I'm not an expert or have seen your swing. Finding a pro with lots of experience fitting Titleist is your most cost-effective choice.
  4. Kenneth C

    Only you can determine if it is worth it to you. There is nothing wrong with buying the previous iteration, and, saving some money. Nor is there anything wrong with spending more money and getting the latest and greatest. If you feel like you are going to missing out by not getting the 718s, then, get the 718s, otherwise, I think you would be very happy with the 716s.

    Tom, I'm the last one you should ask since my clubs are going on 20 years old (DCI 990's, basically an old old version of the current CB's), but :),

    I hit the 716 AP2's and also the 718 AP2's. I did see a marked improvement in the way I hit them (I'm going to get the new 718 AP3's though). Obviously there are advances in technology from the 716's to 718's. If cost isn't an issue, I would go with the 718's, if it is an issue, the 716's are still a very good line of clubs.

    Either way you won't be disappointed with either selection. Probably didn't help much did I? Lol.
  6. Speedy

    Yes.. I don't play the AP2s or CBs but in regards to the looks, 718 is much better IMO... Not sure on results/performance since I don't hit those.. However, I would give the AP3s a try... Worth trying out...

    I would look into doing a Titleist Thursday, it's awesome and last about 45 mins I think and it's free.. Can't hurt.... See the link and see if there's one in your area;

    Good luck with your choices!
  7. Tom M

    thanks everyone for the advices !
    Thank you rob, I have been watching a lot of review videos but not this one, it is exactly the kind of information I was looking for !
  8. michael k

    Hey Tom
    Good luck -any of your chosen sets are just so good. But what ever one you choose the heads are purely (what i call the delivery system - how it feels off the face ) it is the shafts that are the key to any club ( the engine so to speak)
    Have the correct shaft and your game will improve 10 fold.
    So important to see a Titleist fitter and he will translate your ball striking to get the perfect shaft for you.
    All club manufacturers evolve their brands to make better due to rigorous testing - so in theory the newer model should / could / maybe outperform the previous.....
    Personally go with your taste which suits your eye best - but get the professionals to guide you on the type of shaft.

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