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915 forgiveness

Sebastian R

Hey I was wondering how forgiving the Titleist 915 hybrids and fairway woods are. I am looking to get the 915f and 915h next season. Any suggestions on forgiving club?

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  1. Barry B

    The 915s are fairly forgiving, but unless you plan on buying used 915s next year you should start thinking about a 917 fairway and 818 hybrids (you may be able to find some 816 hybrids still in stores next year, but probably can't place a custom order for one).
  2. Rob_Roth1

    They are forgiving but I would look at the 917 line.

    No reason to get old stuff when the new stuff is better
  3. Don O

    Since you will be in the used club market, you will need to become an expert on the available shafts. The majority of my clubs have fitted and work far better than whatever I think I need. However, Titleist did decide to not offer a 7W in LH for 917. Based on what shafts I have been fitted for, I did get a 915 7W online (checking carefully for authenticity) and it started life slowly with me. After putting it the time out corner earlier in the spring, it learned its lesson and is now my go-to club on par 5's for my second shot. I'm 67 but I expect within your swing speed, the 3/5 woods would work as well. For used hybrids, I'd recommend the 816s over the 915s. The 1 degree loft changes make sense fitting for iron replacements and my subjective view is they are easier to hit.
  4. David A

    If you are looking at used clubs...Why not just look for a used 917? I have seen them, they are out there. They are more forgiving then the 915 and create faster ball speed. Just go look around at some local golf shops

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