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Titleist Thursday

Joshua H

I was wandering if i'm able to attend a Titleist Thursday's event at a private club. Are non-members allowed to participate?


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  1. Rob_Roth1

    Depends on the club. My advice would be to call the club and ask the head pro.

    What's the worst they can say no?
  2. Chuck Z

    If it is a Titleist Thursday event, you sign up online, not thru the club. So you would not have to be a member. It is an open free event.
  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Joshua, If a Titleist Thursday is on our website, you can reserve a fitting, and it is open to the public. Just go ahead and fill out the link to reserve your time.
  4. David V

    Been wanted to do this in order to actually see the flight of the ball. I don't trust hitting into a screen. In PA, most are done for the year. Hoping to find time next year.

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