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Iron Fitting at St Ives


Firstly thank you Hannah and Daniel at St Ives. Yesterdays fitting was a really interesting process. Not having been through an iron fitting process before I was impressed by level of detail analysed and tested to find the right setup.

I ended up in standard lie / loft / length with Project X 6.0 Rifle shafts with AP1 4/5 and AP3 6-48. Just getting some quotes before pulling the trigger.

Big step for me as have been playing my irons for 19 years (cally X-12) and it's going to be strange making the change but the benefits I saw will hopefully be worth it!

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  1. Rich T

    Good news and congratulations, Ev. Get them on order!
  2. Rob_Roth1

    x-12 wow yeah that was a while ago. You will see huge differences in distance and forgiveness .

    Nice pick up!

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