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Thursday fittings

David V

Hi everyone,

Need some info from those of you that have participated in Thursday fittings.

Are older sets of clubs available at the fittings? I am starting the process of saving for a complete new set of Titleist clubs. Hoping for next spring. I've never been fitted for clubs and really think this will help since I feel My clubs are too short for me. I doubt I would ever be able to afford the latest and greatest model. But the previous years clubs should be affordable. The main thing is the fitting to me. So if you can share any info, I would appreciate it.



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  1. Don O

    The fittings are for customizing clubs to your game and swing. You end up with a specification sheet to take to order. So Titleist really won't be building 716 sets next spring. If you did go to a TT, you could order the "set" in pieces, like 4 irons a year from your specifications. Part of the beauty of a TT is there aren't just 2 boxed sets for everybody. At 67, I'm long past using 4/5 irons and I'm going to start with the AP3 for 7-PW. I have hybrids/fairways I can keep and my wedges matched to my AP1 PW will also stay. Maybe I'll get a 6I later - but that's an option with Titleist.
  2. Rob_Roth1

    No at my fitting it was all new stuff

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