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716 AP1 / 818 H1 mix

David T

I've attended a Titleist fitting at PGA SS on a Saturday (1/2 hr) and Titleist Thursday at a course and decided to order 718 AP1 6 iron through 48 degree wedge. I'm awaiting delivery on the irons.

What hybrid do you anticipate would best gap with the 27 degree 718 AP1 6 iron? I ran out of time in both of my fittings to be able to really dive into hybrid work and don't really want to go to another Titleist Thursday because they are 1 hr 20 minutes away.

I'd lean towards 25 degree gapping well with -1/+2 loft adjustment.


The long end of my bag is 915F D2 10.5 @ 9.75, 915F 3W15 @ 14.25, and 915F 7W21 @ 20.25.

I carry 54F14, and 58S07 wedges and have room for 2 hybrids. I expect 26 and 22 degree hybrids may gap well.

Regards Dave

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  1. Don O

    With a 6 iron and the 7W, you only have a gap 21 to 27 to fill. The mid point is 24. So a 23 can go to (22) 24 or 25 degrees and 25 24-27. Personally, I'd go with the 23 as the increasing loft will close the face. Moving the 25 to 24 will open the face. So if you can try the 23 at 24 and 25 and you're not over-drawing/hooking the shot, that would work. The other factor is gapping the distance moving from an iron to hybrid. Th hybrids tend to be a little longer in addition to being easier to hit than corresponding iron. In the end, you'll need to experiment with a hybrid to gap from the 6I and then see what your gap is to the 7W.
  2. Eric C

    I have a 816 H1 that's 22 degrees and my 716 AP1 4 iron is 22 degrees, the 816 H1 is 1 to 1 1/2 club longer. The degrees for hybrids and irons don't always mesh like common sense tells you. The hybrid is longer shaft wise and they are beasts with the correct shaft. Let a launch monitor help you. The 818 is probably even better, I haven't hit one yet. Just trying to save you headaches and money. Good golfing to you.
  3. David T

    I had just picked up the used 7 wood and instead returned it and bought a pair of "mint" 816 H1 hybrids at 19* and 23*. They arrived today and I was impressed enough to cap it off with a "very good" 816 H1 25* hybrid as well. I'll adjust lofts to gap properly.


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