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Driver shaft


I recently purchased the 917D2 Driver. It has the Mitsubishi Diamana M+ Red shaft. I do not like the results I am getting with this club. I play a small fade and feel like I'm losing distance because I'm hitting it to high. I have adjusted the head setup to the lowest setting. I ordered a regular flex which is a first my old drivers all had stiff flex. My club championship is coming up at the end of October and really want some more options. cally mailed me several shafts to demo in years past and send back the others and purchase the one I liked the best. I was curios to know if Titleist would do the same. Thanks Matt

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  1. Barry B

    Your best option is to go back to where you purchased the driver and see if they can assist you with getting the correct shaft.
  2. Ryan G

    Were you fit for the shaft or did you just buy it off the shelf? The Diamana red shafts are the highest launching shaft offered. I am a certified titles fitter and don't fit to many people into that shaft unless they have a really hard time getting the ball in the air. I would do as Barry mentioned and go back to where you purchased the club and see if they can get you fitted for a proper flighted shaft.

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