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Titleist Thursday - 718 CBs - Amazing Customer Service!

Chris T

What an experience I had with a Titleist Thursday.

I am a 27 year old amateur from Carmel, Indiana with a +2 handicap. Over the past couple of years I have worked with a couple of coaches, but most of my time as been with our logo GolfTec coaches. In 2 years we took my handicap from an 18 to a +2. During that time I went from my original set I had for years (TM Rocketbladez), then made the switch to getting fitted for the first time for miz JPX 850 Forged irons.

Which led me to do my first Titleist Thursday about 2 months ago in July - 2017. Was at a local club here in Indiana, Golf Club of Indiana. I was met with a warm welcome by Titleist Pro, John Dal Santo. I had already had a few emails with him before meeting him in person so he knew a little bit about my game and what I was looking for. The fitting started and it was amazing. My Mizunos were more like an AP1, and that was an issue that I was having... so I told John I wanted to really try the AP2s and the CBs. Went through the entire session and going to set for the CBs. Loved them! Actually striking them 100% better than the AP2s, which was surprising to me.

At the time of trying everything out, I remembered that the 718 irons were in testing or then being used on the PGA Tour already and that they were going to be released to the public around September.

So John and I spoke a bit on what I was fitted to, how everything was going to be, and I asked him if we could wait till September so I could try the new 718s. Absolutely!

He said that was a great idea - also for me not to make a switch from a very forgiving iron to a less forgiving iron where I may loose some distance.


I was so excited to try out the 718s. I knew with the CBs and the MBs there wasn't going to be much of a change because it's more of a tour club and nothing about them really change.. but at the same time.. BRAND NEW was going through my mind.

So John showed me the new AP2s and what the new AP3s were all about, but we knew I was pretty set on the CBs. Went through the entire fitting process again to double check all my numbers and distances and I was sold! Probably within 15-20 minutes.

But what really stood out to me is the time that John took with me asking me about my game and what else I may have had questions about. He wanted to make sure EVERYTHING in my bag was covered. So 718 CBs were good and ready to be ordered.

John then asked me about my wedges, which I have the SM6s (50, 54, 60)... he noticed my divots and how I was a bit steep on them. We corrected that, and low-and-behold, I ordered three more wedges with a little more bounce to help me out.

Then he asked me what I had after my 4 iron. I said I have a 19 degree hybrid. When I told him I hit it about 250 yards he couldn't believe it. So I took a shot for me. I think I carried it around 240 or so and he thought the gap I was going to have with my 4 iron and my hybrid was going to be a bit far from each other. But I told him my hybrid was something that I play with a lot and I have the control to hit it 220 all the way up to 250. He said if that's what I'm comfortable with, he said to stick with it.

Then we moved onto my 3-wood. I recently just made the switch to a Titleist 3-wood from the M1 (2016). I was fitted to the F2 (I liked a little more forgiveness I got with it). Told him I worked with another Titleist fitter and to get my spin down we put we at a 13.5 degree and had it set on "B1" (more of a fade than a draw). Asked me what I carried it and I said 265. Took a shot for him and carried it 265 on the money! John loved how it was set up for me and said don't change a thing.

Then John took the time to check out my driver. Now I do have a TM M1, which in the future I could see myself changing to a Titleist driver... but I had recently cracked my 2016 M1 which I had for a little over 2 years. It had 200+ rounds on it and I wasn't surprised that it didn't crack or break earlier. So TM sent me a brand new 2017 M1. John asked me to hit it to check out my numbers. In my mind I thought, okay... this guy is just going to try and get me to buy a new driver now. No, he took the driver, made a couple of adjustments and said... should be good now. It was a different setup with the new M1 being lighter, so my spine was WAY up there in the 3,000s, almost in the 4s.

John literally took the time to not only fit me for my new irons, but check my entire bag! Hands down, amazing customer service!

Now he just has to get me on the green to try and fit me for a Scotty.

But I had to share this experience.

I work in customer service, and Tony Day (Teaching Pro at Golf Club of Indiana), and John took such great care of me.

I walked in and ordered my set of irons and 3 wedges. I am referring everyone I know just to try it out.

They don't pressure you at all to buy something, and that really meant a lot to me.

I recently took my Dad over there as well for a wedge fitting... and it was great!

Thanks a lot again to John and Titleist, even the ones who put together and build the clubs. I am very excited to completely make the change to Titleist.

#TeamTitleist #TitleistOrNothing

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  1. Tyler H

    Thanks for sharing Enjoy your new clubs.
  2. Rich T

    What a great read - exactly what a great fitter and fitting should be all about. It has to bring you great confidence knowing you have exactly what is correct for YOUR game. Great job Titleist for delivering this level of quality through the Titleist Thursday events at NO COST to the consumer. All around amazing.

    Continue to play well!
  3. Sean N

    John did my fitting for the 718 / 818 pre-order at Kinsale Golf Club in Powell, Ohio.
    He did a fantastic job, very thorough, got me answers for all of my questions. I would definitely recommend John if he is coming to an area near you!
  4. Don O

    By shear accident I went to a course pro that was also a Titleist Advance/Premier site because I knew the local retailers would try to sell me the one LH SGI set (I was 60 and new to golf) on the floor. Similar experience. We fixed the iron and driver issues, but was recommended to keep the Callie hybrids as there wasn't much difference. It was still a win for the fitter - he's now my coach and I've gone to him to fix me or the equipment, which ever is in need.
  5. Barry S

    Sounds like you had quite the day. The best part is, is that they treat everyone the same, whether you are playing to a 2 or a 22. Customer service with everyone at Titleist is second to none!!
  6. MMaingre

    That s what i call a good feedback and a Titleist excellent service... As always.
  7. Brian D

    Great Story, glad you waited for the 718's to come out....Based on your post, it looks like you and your Pro nailed it.

    Best of luck the remainder of the season
  8. Paul S

    Sounds like a really great experience. The mark of a great rep is letting the clubs speak for themselves. Had a similar experience recently at a Titleist fitting.

    The rep took the time to walk me through my whole bag even though I mentioned I was only in the market for a driver and wedges.

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