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choosing shaft


Hello my name is jon nelson and i am currently looking to order a new set of irons. I would like to have 4, 5, 6, ap1 and 7,8,9,p in the ap2. I had been fitted for the clubs but not sure of the correct shafts to have customized for the irons. I have been playing the 962's for over 10 years. I have the s300's in the current irons. I was advised to get a rifle shaft because I need a shaft that is a little bit more stiff. what shaft would you recommend I get, or should i re-visit a fitting to find out? Thank you for your time.

Jon Nelson

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  1. Rich T

    Hi Jon. I think you will find the overwhelming response you get will be just re-visit a fitting. If you are fortunate enough to have Titleist Thursday events in your area, they are a great place to work with a Titleist fitter directly using Trackman and ProV's and all at no cost to you. There are posts from many on this forum sharing their experiences with these events and they are very positive.

    Good luck and let is know how it goes!
  2. Don O

    Considering a new set of irons as a 10 year investment, even if you can't get to a Titleist Thursday fitting, the cost of a fitting is trivial. 2 months ago I would have agreed with the AP1/AP2 mix, but a fitting will let you evaluate all of the current shaft options as well as the option of using the AP3 as your longer irons. With a specialized shaft need, you want to try to find a Premier fitter or a Titleist Thursday for really experienced fitters that know the (latest) options with Titleist.
  3. Chris B

    Hello Jon,

    I recently attended at Titleist Thursday fitting event and during the fitting several shafts were used until we found the correct shaft for my game. I was fitted into the Nippon NS Pro 880 AMC.
    Not sure this helps to answer your question.
  4. Barry S

    Your best bet is to revisit a fitting. A certified fitter, along with trackman will give you options that you might not have even thought about. Good Luck!
  5. Ryan G

    It is always best to get fitted for the correct shaft for your swing. A rifle shaft isn't necessarily going to mean a stiffer shaft. You can get stiffer shafts in any of the brands. Go back to where you were fit for the irons and have them do a shaft fitting.
  6. Scott D

    Find a good Titleist fitter and get a new fitting. Ensure that the fitter uses a Flightscope or Trackman and you will see the differences for yourself. It is well worth the effort to get properly fitted clubs.
  7. Kenneth C

    If you can, find a Titleist Thursday. They will fit you, and, help you determine, what is the best shaft for you. You will, also, be able try the new 718 irons. Always try before you buy. Good luck, and, enjoy the process!
  8. Rob_Roth1

    I would go to a titlest thursday to check your launch and spin numbers to dial in the correct #'s.

    The shafts are too good now and you want to ensure you get the right fit.
  9. John T

    I think your best bet is to get refitted for the shafts, you should be able to try the rifles at the same time to see if they suit you. Good luck!
  10. Lance B

    Probably best to get fitted.

    To add another question re: shafts to this thread...

    I got fitted two different times. The first time it was suggested I get the AMT Black AP3. The second time they suggested 3i, 4i AP3 AMT Black and 5i-PW AP2 AMT Red. I don't recall them saying why the change in shaft. Red comes standard on the AP1 so I'm a little confused as to why this shaft was recommended. I'm not even sure I recall hitting that shaft and realizing a noticeable difference.
  11. Don O

    Lance - The "stock" shafts are fitted to "stock sets" at retailers. Every shaft listed as a no upcharge is fair game at the same price for any order you are fitted to. My AP3s have the AMT-Red. The Red is a higher-launching shaft than the Black. Since the AP3 will launch higher than an AP2, all else equal, maybe that's why the AP2s have the Red. Just a thought, but your fitter should be able to explain this.
  12. Paul S

    As everyone else has said, get fitted, you never know what works until you try it. I've played the KBS tour for years, did a fitting for 718 CB/MB split last weekend and the rep had me try everything.

    Ended up being fit to the KBS C-taper, never would have tried it had the fitter not suggested it and loved it.

    Lance - on the change in shaft, any change in conditions/swing/fitter opinion could cause the change. My opinion would be go with what feels best to you. Ultimately what the fitter suggests only works if you have confidence in it.
  13. Lance B

    Thanks guys. I emailed my fitter and it turns out that the AMT Black was a mistake. He meant to input all irons in AMT Red. So now I'm in the process of trying to re-submit my order and it's taking forever. Thought for sure I'd have my set by now.

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