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Graphite Design AD DI 6 Shaft?

Tom B

Does anyone have any experience with this shaft in the 917 D2 driver? It was one of my choices back in 2012 at Cool Clubs in my 910 driver, but went with the Mitsubishi Fubuki K60 at the time.

Titleist Thursdays are too far away and costs to much to go down to Scottsdale to get fit.

Titleist does offer this shaft with an uncharge, but looking for a mid-high launch and low spin.

Is this what you find that hits this shaft? I'm also looking at the AD DI 7 for my 917 F2 3 wood.

Thanks in advance!! Tom

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  1. Don O

    Between the 5 years of shaft development and the improvements in design from the 910 to the 917, there may very well be a no up-charge shaft for both that would work best for you. Buying $800 worth of clubs plus up-charge and get less than optimal performance is expensive as well. What I ended up with in a 917 D2 was unlike what I had in a 913. Using what I started with matching the 917 to my 913 was 20 yards less than my eventual configuration.

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