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AP2 718 - Just Ordered

Jeffrey B

So I just got fitted at the Thursday event. I was so excited to do something like this. During the fitting I hit the AP2s and AP3s. I hit the AP2s well and decided to go with a 4-9 set up. After reviewing the Specs, I wondered about getting the AP3s in the 4-5 and AP2s in the 6-9. If I did that the AP2s would need to be ordered as a 1 degree stronger.

I ended up going with the full AP2 set up but got a degree stronger in all of them. After I left, I looked up strengthing clubs and found mixed reviews. I am wondering if getting the set up with 1 degree stronger will have any negative effect with the clubs. I understand the gap differences between 9 and wedges but wondering if the way the club is designed, does it do anything to it.

This has probably been asked before but I just ordered them yesterday and was wondering if I need to call and change anything.

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  1. richard f

    Good luck with them !!
  2. Sam R

    If it was an issue they wouldn't have let you order them/would have warned you!

    Clubs can be tweaked in a number of ways - loft/lie/length - as long as you get them done properly (by manufacturer) then everything will be fine.
  3. Thomas K

    You might gain two yards in distance. I doubt you'll be able to tell anything with a 1* change in bounce. I've bent my AP2 716s' two degrees strong and upright and find about three more yards with an eight iron. For me whose eight iron goes about 155 yards. I've found adjusting the lie a lot more important than loft or bounce.
  4. Jeffrey B

    Thanks for the responses. I should get them this week.

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