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AP3 loft and lie changes

Dale V

Can I have my AP3s adjusted 2 degrees up in Lie?

4 Replies

  1. Matt R

    Yes you can. I was fit for +2 degrees.
  2. Don O

    Best to specify on a custom order and have them shipped that way. Stock/rack sets are zero. In some lines Titleist has +2 heads, so they can fit +4 fittings. Being cast, if the hosel develops cracks from a local shop, that can void the warranty. Most say that +/- 2 degrees is possible from the stock lie of the head.
  3. chris b

    2 degrees either way ... but that is usually the most that they will bend. I went with 2* flat
  4. Dale V

    Much thanks to Don O, Matt R and chris b for their comments. Dale V

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