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Titleist 704CB

Richard M

I love my old 704 CB irons. In fact, I've had three sets. I keep buying used sets I find that are in good condition. I'd like to replace them with a more current model. Which current (or recent) iron will come closest to the playing characteristics of my old 704s? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Robert L

    There's been plenty of technological changes since 2005, that it might be best to go for a fitting, with an open mind... to see what iron best fits you! Plus, if a different model performs better for your swing, why not go with that model?
  2. Dakota

    I second Robert's comment. Go test out the new 718 irons and see what would work best for your game. The new CB irons are great, and you never know. You might find that an AP2 might work better for you or even an AP3. It's all about what feels and works the best for you.

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