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Titleist Thursday's

Brian F

I just wanted to give some Love to all the Fitters supporting Titleist Thursday's... Hopefully they are reading these discussion boards and will know how much we all appreciate the time they spend with us. I was fitted by Brian Eilders first at Old Greenwood prior to the 718's being available. Then again at Haggin Oaks in Sacramento, and he was AWESOME !!! Fitted me in to the new AP3's and I can't be happier with my new irons. Thank You Titleist for putting this program together and getting some great fitters to make it successful. Anyone else wanting to give some love to their club fitter during Titleist Thursday's pile on, hopefully they will all get some acknowledgement from Titleist for doing such an amazing job...

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Brian, Thanks for the feedback! We forwarded your note to Brian (and his boss) and I'm sure it will bring a smile to his face!
  2. Chuck Z

    Need to get them back in Charleston, SC this fall.
  3. Brian F

    That's fantastic Cathi... I'm sure I will be looking Brian up again for any future additions to my bag !!!
  4. Kathryn K

    Apparently Brian Eilders' peers agree with you, because they just named him Club Fitter of the Year for Northern California PGA Section. Well deserved! Kudos to Titleist for having his expertise on your team.
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  5. Brian F

    Now that is an AMAZING piece of news... I'll have to send him a note congratulating him !!! Thanks Kathryn for the info.
  6. Kathy J

    I have been to some good Titleist Thusday at Langdon Farms.

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