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Micah B

Hey all! I just got the new 718 Titleist ap1's last night straight off the shelf at golf galaxy, so standard everything. They came with the Red S300 shafts and normal grips. What is the difference between the Red/Black s300 shaft? I usually shoot around 100 and was looking for more forgiving clubs than my RSi2's, plus I just wanted some Titleist (I know the clubs won't drop me 10 strokes). Any recommendations on a different shaft? Should I have gotten the Ap3's? My buddies keep telling me they are better but it seems subjective and they might be a little too much club for my handicap.


Appreciate any incite.

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  1. Robert C

    Congrats Micah...You will love those AP1's and the Red shaft is great, it launches high and far! The higher launch I believe is the main difference from the Black, which is listed as a Mid Launch shaft. I think you'll be fine with that shaft. if you see for some reason you aren't then seek out a teaching pro or fitter and get their professional opinion. But it's a very solid shaft.

    As a 17 index, I demoed the AP3 as well and I could play them well enough, but the AP1 just stood out in the forgiveness and overall flight. And they are a beautiful looking club. As a 100 player I think you definitely made the right choice.

    Now sit back and say, "I told you so" to your buddies when you hit green after green...LOL enjoy
  2. Cavman

    The "Red" AMT S300 shaft is the highest launching of the three standard shafts that Titleist offers on the AP lines. I believe the AMT Black (mid launch) is standard on the AP3s and the AMT White (low launch) is standard on the AP2s.

    If you are happy with the way you were hitting the ball (if you hit some at the store prior to buying them) then you don't have to swap shafts. If you haven't actually hit the clubs, then take them to your range and see how the ball flies.

    Your best bet is to try to find a Titleist Thursday fitting session and bring your clubs to that so they can analyze the shaft based on your swing speed, launch profile, etc. But, barring that, do you know how fast you swing a driver? How fast you swing a 7 iron? Sometimes, a S300 shaft (stiff) might not be the best for a player with a slower tempo and/or a slower swing speed.

    As for the AP3 vs AP1 commentary from your friends, they are both wonderful clubs. The AP3 has a lot of the characteristics of the AP1 wrapped in a smaller head. The AP1 is marketed as Titleist's most forgiving and longest iron. Based on your average score, I would think the AP1 is a very good choice for you, as long as you like the look of the clubs, and the clubs give you confidence at address.

    But, to reiterate, try to find a Titleist Thursday Fitting somewhere near you to have them analyze your swing professionally. They will definitely get you into the right shaft.

    Best of luck.
  3. Don O

    The black is stiffer and will tend to fly a lower trajectory than the red. Which is best for you depends on how you flight the ball. Titleist provides a wide selection of shafts that can be custom ordered at the same price as a rack set at a retailer. The AP1 face is larger and more forgiving than the AP3, so the less accurate your ball striking, the better choice would be the AP1. As I am a senior LH player, no retailer stocks an option suitable for my game. Since Titleist prices their products by the club, the best value is getting fit and ordering just what you need. You may want to take them back and either find a Titleist Thursday for an expert fitting not geared to a "rack" set or have the GG go through their cart and then custom order a set designed just for you. The Titleist Thursday only supplies specifications - if you are forced to have store credit at GG, they can order what was specified. This is a Titleist website and I have my bias but in my opinion, Titleist seeks to sell satisfaction, the OEM's that have larger displays of on the rack options at retailers sell merchandise.
  4. Micah B

    Thank you for all the input everyone, I appreciate it. I've been to the range now a couple times and I coulsnt be hitting them any better. I don't know if it's a mental thing going from rsi2s to the ap1s, but I'm getting better contact and way better flight. I got fitted from the GG "fitting pro" (I don't mean to take away from with specific guy, he seems very knowledgeable) but obviously a large store like that has people doubting how well the fitters are trained. Anyway, the GG pro fitter told me that my arms are way too long to have an inch extension, and based off the results from the range, I was surprised to see he may be right. I'm 6'3" but I do admit, I have gorilla arms.

    I'm so happy with these clubs! They are beautiful and forgiving. First round with these bad boys are Sunday, I'm hoping to get low 90's. We will see!
  5. Micah B

    Thank you for all the information everyone. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The only reason I liked the AP3's was in my opinion, they look better than the AP1's, but looks won't drop my score. When I stand over the AP3's they are very small and it makes me doubt the club. I tried posting a response earlier but I don't think it went through. Compared to my previous RSi2's with an inch extension, I can hit these clubs ALOT better. It may be mental, it may be the club, either way I love the results! I got fitted from the GG "fitting pro" ( I don't mean to take away from this particular guy, he was amazing) but usually GG employees don't really seem very training at the one I go to. Anyway, he told me I don't need any extensions at all, I am 6'4" but apparently I have ape arms in his words. First round is Sunday and I CAN'T WAIT!
  6. Kathy J

    Cool clubs in AZ.

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